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  • Ryozo Nagai

    (Jichi Medical University, Japan)

    KLF Transcription Family Plays Key Roles in the Pathogenesis of Complex Disease

    George L. King

    (Harvard Medical School, USA)

    The Imbalance Between Protective and Risk Factors as the Cause of Diabetic Complications

  • Hyo-Soo Kim

    (Seoul National University, Korea)

    New Regulatory Molecule to Control the Growth Factor-Induced Angiogenesis

    Toyoaki Murohara

    (Nagoya University, Japan)

    Mediation of Cardiovascular Protection by Adipocytokines

  • Gwendalyn J. Randolph

    (Washington University, USA)

    Cell and Lipoprotein Trafficking in Cardiovascular Disease

    Kyong Soo Park

    (Seoul National University, Korea)

    SENP2 as a Novel Regulator of Fatty Acid Metabolism

  • Brian A. Ference

    (University of Cambridge, UK)

    Dyslipidemia and Mendelian randomization to anticipate the results of randomized trials

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    August 1(Wed), 2018
  • Notification of Acceptance
    August 10(Fri), 2018
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    August 22(Wed), 2018
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